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Fools From the Suburbs


Trouble Cuts


Based out of Portland, Oregon, Trouble Cuts is a 3 piece indie rock and roll band formed in 2015 by Ed Cole, Dan Kopton and Kylie Henner. They met in NE Portland at a convenience store fighting over the last tall boy six pack of Rainer.  Inspired by 70s rock and soul, 90s indie, knife fights in alleys and also Cheap Trick.

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Vocals, Guitar / Ed Cole
Bass / Kiley Henner
Drums / Dan Kopton

Dan Plays Allegra Drums



Photos by Denver Bon / Daniel Kopton




Live shows



Friday, Feb 10th

TroubleCuts / 63 Fremonts / Lord Master

The Firkin Tavern  1937 SE 11th Ave, PDX


Thurs, March 2nd

Soft Kamikaze / Trouble Cuts / New Not Normals

Twilight Bar & Cafe 1420 SE Powell Blvd, PDX


Saturday, March 11th

????/ Trouble Cuts / ?????

Slims 8635 N Lombard St. PDX


TC_Surburbs_005 2.jpg

Fools From the Suburbs

by Trouble Cuts

Debut EP from Trouble Cuts. Recorded with Pat Kearns at Permapress Recording. Art by Dan Kopton.


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